Vasectomy reversal?!


Vasectomy reversal?

my partner had a vasectomy reversal 2 weeks tomorrow and we were told to wait a week to 10 days before we had sex which we did, but now my partner has had a lump come up in his left testicle. he is really worried about it. the swelling and bruising has completly gone now though. can anyone please help.


It could be a sperm granuloma if some sperm leaked between the stitches of the vas deferens. I would think it unlikely though since most healing is pretty much done within four days of the reversal (it gets sealed together in 4 days although the strength of the reconnection isn't that great for awhile). We were told to wait 28 days...I've heard others are told to wait 15-21 days; and a few doctors recomment only a couple days of waiting. Most reputable doctors recommend at least 10 days (like yours did). Maybe the sex just moved the old blood from the VR around. I'd check with the VR doctor, but as long as your dh isn't in pain and the swelling is better now, I'd say you are "good to go"!

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