If i workout, exercise, eat right, and lift seriously........?!


If i workout, exercise, eat right, and lift seriously........?

how fit can i get in 3 months? im not really too out of shape i have some fat but not dr phill fat. but seriously i have some intense workouts i wanna do in these next 12 weeks and im gonna eat 6 small healthy meals a day so how much results should i expect in 3 months?


sorry but it is impossible to tell, the fact is everyone is different, your metablism level which is already differnt will change once you get in tlo your workout. i will tell you this however, flor the first month you will notice drastic gains. by the second month those gains will sllow down, there are a few causes of this, a change in diet and change in excercises can hel, so always have a back up. If you need any more hel just email me

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