I am fed up and confused over...........?!


I am fed up and confused over...........?

masturbation being good or bad. (Which)
Please see this link

After I masturbate, I feel so relieved, unstressed, and practical once again. My anxiety leaves me, and I am able to be me again.
And I am LDS. 19 years old and have been masturbating since age 5.
Please help me. (If I need help) Thank You.


I skimmed over the article that you linked to, and I think I get the basic idea. I am a Christian, and most of us don't believe that masturbation is a sin. The only part where sin would come in is if you do it compulsively (gluttony) or you think of others while doing it (lust). As long as you keep your mind clear of sinful thoughts, there's nothing wrong with it. Why would God put such a strong desire for sex in us so young if he intended for us not to release it in any way? I'm not super familiar with the Mormon teachings, but I've heard some people say that some of the teachings can be a little extreme. (I'm not trying to insult your religion or anything) I just think that the way that manual went about saying it, it was almost like "a guide to not committing murder". In the Holy Bible, (the only one I've ever read) I've never found anywhere that God said masturbation was bad. So my advice to you is to realize that what your doing is not a sin, and that whoever wrote that had a skewed view of God's word. You can still be happy and live for God without putting such demanding and unnecessary limitations on yourself.

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