What is an erection?!


What is an erection?

Sorry about this nasty Q , but I heard that a dude can have serious bleeding down there, i just wanted to know if it is true.

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3 weeks ago
Don't worry I will GoodFella, Don't let my avatar fool ya I;m only 14!


sweet heart I don't know how old you are, and I guess they didn't have a good sex ed class at your school.(not being mean). but whoever is giving this information to you is not telling you the truth. the only way a guy can be bleeding down there is if he cuts himself. and if he's bleeding and he didn't cut himself......stay away from him cause he's got some kind of disease. An erection is just what happens to the penis muscle when a guy gets excited.(sexually) blood flows to the area and fills the muscle which makes the erection. good luck....stay away from those boys

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