Will running help my legs get thicker!!?!


Will running help my legs get thicker!!?

what can i do to get rid off my thin legs!!


running will develop slow twitch or red muscle fibres. these aren't big but very efficient and have lots of blood vessels.

to bulk up you will want fast twitch or white fibres - these are associated with strength as opposed to endurance. resistance training - in a gym - is the way to go.

similar to bench pressing but with your legs, leg extensions with weights and leg curls with weights. 2 weeks of training will begin to show results. go every second day - give your muscles time to rebuild. do a warm up then sets in which you can only do between 6 - 12 reps - this means you are building the correct type of muscle. less than 6 - too heavy - more than 12 is developing a different muscle type.

see a personal trainer or physiotherapist to ensure your technique is correct and you don't do any damage to muscles or joints.

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