What are the chances of a 19 year old having als?!

Question: does it ever happen?

Answers: does it ever happen?

small very small! I'm sure it has happened, but I would say the % is tiny.....was supporting a dear friend with ALS and went to several support lunches with him and out of the 25 people there not one was under 35

oh I'm sure it can

Sure, anything is possible.

I'm sure it can happen. You really need to be examined by a neurologist if you think you are having ALS symptoms. There are other diseases, such as LYME disease and MS that can mimic the symptoms of ALS. With ALS, you will typically see symptoms start in the legs, such as having "foot drop", or in the neck and shoulders area.

The chances of anyone having als is very rare. It is not a common disease at all, and usually starts to develop later in life when body parts start to degenerate. Unless the 19 yr old you are referring to has a history of neural problems I would bet against the case of them having ALS. There is always an exception though. If you have reasons to believe this 19 yr old has ALS you should see a physician.

It most commonly effects people in the 40-60 age range, but it can strike people of most any age. Terrible disease, if you really think that you might have it then you should see a doctor as soon as possible. Early detection can help to slow the progression of the disease.

My sister-in-law was diagnosed with this disease at age 55. She said it was un common for someone to have this at a young age. I urge you to see a doctor as soon as possible to take care of any anxiety and worries. A simple spinal tap can help tell what you have. It's better to know for sure than keep your self crazy with worry. There are several things that can mimic ALS.

Very rarely..it's usually diagonised at end of twenty's early thirtys.

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