I strated to pick my scab..?!

Question: now it left a scar or some sort.
How do you get rid of it?

Answers: now it left a scar or some sort.
How do you get rid of it?

Never pick scabs. This could very well be permanent. If it is, it will forever be on you. If not, it should dissapear in time. Good Luck!

Scars remain. You can try cocoa butter or neosporin to try and get rid of it. good luck. if its a really big scar, you can go to the dermatologist to get help.

well, if you only just picked it off i dont think its scarred :P

scar treatments at your local
pharmacy (cvs,rite-aid, etc...)

get a cream called scar-zone at any pharmacy, wal*Mart, target, k-Mart etc.

Medications. But of course, that kind of scar will probably be gone in a few months, so don't worry about it.

Easier said than done, but try not to pick it. Possibility of leaving a scar is higher when you keep picking at it.

Put some antibiotic lotion on it and it'll heal so much faster. Ask your local pharmacist.

you should put neosporin (or any triple antbiotic ointment) on it when it is still a fresh injury..it will help prevent the visibility of scars..tho i don't know if it would help you any now that you've already picked it..but you could try if ya wanna..

Apply the fresh sap from the Aloe Vera plant on it- from the plant itself... not from a lotion. Apply it a few times. It itches a bit after you apply it, but it works like magic. Every household should have this plant.

You should try Cocoa Butter creams.

:'( Sorry but you can actually, sorry. Nevermind I did some research right now. http://www.scarstretchmarkremoval.com/?g... There's tons that are right for you. Go to g@ogl and type in how to get rid of scares. Personally I can find anything wit it now. No need for yahoo awnsers...

If it really is a scar, it's gonna be there for life. You might have just opened the wound up again, in which case it should heal.

vitamin e

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