Not endometriosis - what is it then? Help. =/?!

Question: Not endometriosis - what is it then!? Help!. =/!?
I have been sufferi for horrendour crippling pain from my periods as long as i can remember!. I recently had a lacroscopy and they found nothing! I'm 19 and on loads of medication for it, and I am in so much pain during sex that I've given up!.

An other ideas!? It's really getting me down!. =/

Thanks! <3Www@Answer-Health@Com

It is very possible that your dr!. isn't knowledgable enough in endo to have been able to find it-more than a few women had had that happen to them!. However, I would not suggest you jump on the depot lupron band wagon, not without having been diagnosed with endo through a lap/biopsy and especially without having researched the drug first!. Lupron is a pretty harsh drug and in my vast amount of research it seems the risks outweigh the benefits for lots of women, and it doesn't help every women with endo-far from it!. You could try a bc pill, if you do, take it continuously and make sure it is "monophasic!." I have not tried it myself but some women swear by natural progesterone cream-I think you can buy it for around $30 and can get it at a health food store-may be worth a try!. I would hope that your dr!. has already looked at the possibility of a cyst(s)!? I'm sorry I can't give you other suggestions on what else could be happening but doing a little research to find a dr!. who is knowledgable in endo I think would be a good idea!. I would request your med records, especially OR records, and any pics that may have been taken and if you go for a 2nd opinion bring those for the dr!. to take a look at!. I hope your able to find some relief!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

It is still possible that you could have endometriosis, it can hide!. You could ask your doctor if he/she will treat you for endometriosis anyway!. When I had Endo I was treated with Lupron Depot shots!. One shot per month!. It stops your periods!. You will be able to tell within the first month or at least in the first 6 weeks whether or not it's helping!. If you have endo, your pain will stop!. If you still have pain, then it's very likely to be something else!. If your current doctor won't work with you, then certainly go to another doctor who will help you!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

You need to try seeing a different doctor!. If you are in that much pain then something is really wrong && it could be very bad for you!.

My best friend had the same problem && it ended up she had cysts that kept rupturing!.

Good LuckWww@Answer-Health@Com

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