Thyroid testing...?!

Question: Thyroid testing!.!.!.!?
What are the chances that the basic thryroid test came back fine that a more in-depth test will come back abnormal!?Www@Answer-Health@Com

Yes that is very possible!. But if you are serious about understanding why and need help then watch all 3 parts here!.!.!.


Very high chance!.
When you get your thyroid tested you should get the following tests done: TSH; FreeT4; Free T3; Calculated T4; Calculated T3; & the TRH which must MDs don't like to do!.

As a person with hypothyroidism; I call tell you that test results can come back "normal" & yet you can still have a thyroid problem because the range MDs use is really too wide!.

Another problem which my MD decided I had, (without looking at tests, but just my symptoms) was an inability to convert T4 into T3!.!.!.so I take 2 meds: Synthroid (T4) & Cytomel (T3)!.

My symptoms improved & I get thyroid tests done about every 4 months!.

So, a more in-depth test might or might not come back abnormal, but hopefully you will advocate that you still have the same symptoms & what about having a "subclinical case of hypothyroidism"!.

Good luckWww@Answer-Health@Com

The basic thyroid test isn't a thyroid test at all, assuming you mean TSH!. TSH is a pituitary hormone!. A TSH test is an indirect, second hand way to GUESS at what your actual thyroid hormone levels are!.

What you are calling more in depth tests are the actual thyroid hormone tests - free T3 and free T4!. T3 and T4 are your thyroid hormones, and measuring them will tell you if you actually have thyroid disease or not, instead of guessing with a TSH test!.

So if you have symptoms of thyroid disease, you need free T3 and free T4 tests, even if your TSH was "normal"!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

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