Swollen testicle in toddler of 2yrs 9mnth.?!

Question: Swollen testicle in toddler of 2yrs 9mnth!.!?
one of my little boys testicles as swelled up to the size of an egg i went to the gp and they are sending him for a scan he's in no pain!.the gp said it might be fluid ,what causes this!?im worried what they will do to him!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

Your GPs diagnosis is likely to be correct and he is following up with the correct test!. Old codger doctors like me, who were in practice before ultrasound was is common use, would shine a bright light through the scrotum!. If it passes through, or 'transilluminated' it means that there is no mass there, just fluid, and that made the diagnosis, a hydrocoele!.


If this is the diagnosis it may be observed for a while, but anyway is easy to fix!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

it might be a hydrocele

here for more info

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