Tonsillitis coming back again?!

Question: Tonsillitis coming back again!?
I've had tonsillitis SO many times, must be over 15 now!. I'm getting them out soon though!.

I'm doing an artificial snowboard instructor course which begins on Wednesday and lasts for 5 days (9am-5pm every day)!.

Over the past 2 days i've been getting the feeling in my tonsils that i get before i get tonsilitus!. They are painfull and it hurts to swallow (no puss and not swollen-yet)!. Then today i felt really ill and had to spend the majority of the day in bed!. I feel ok now but am worried i'm going to be ill for my course-i can't miss this course!!

Should i go to the doctor and ask for antibiotics!?!? The last couple of times i've had tonsilitus they've told me to try my hardest not to take antibiotics because i've had so many this year!.

But just this once so i can get through the course!? Think the doctor would give me any!? It's the only opportunity i'll have all year and i need the qualificaion to get this job i want!.!.!.
I can just tell i'm about to get really ill and can't afford to wait for that to happen!.

What harm can too many antibiotics do anyway!?

Any advice!?Www@Answer-Health@Com

Go visit your doctor and let him determine whether you need antibiotics!. Most docs aren't going to prescribe antibiotics if you don't show any symptoms!.

There is a reason why your doc told you to hold off on antibiotics when you are given them so much!. Your body starts to build up a tolerance to them!. In that, the organisims may no longer respond to the agents!.

This can be serious if you get a really serious infection!. If this happens, the antibiotic may become ineffective in fighting off the infection!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

Try your doctor!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

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