I have some questions about mole removal?!

Question: I have some questions about mole removal!?
*i am getting it shaved off
*about 4 days before school starts

*they say it was scab and fall off in two weeks, but what does the scab look like!? would i just have to wear a bandaid around it for the first two weeks of school!?

* does the procedure hurt!?

*it leaves a scar, right!?

*what is the best kind of cover-up to use!?Www@Answer-Health@Com

You talk about using cover up!.!.!.so I am guessing the mole is on your face!. I have had three moles removed on my face!.!.!.and all right in the center of my face!. One on the end of my nose and two by my upper lip!. So I know all about looking ugly while the scabs heal!. I have had them cut out and stitch and then later in life I had two of them that grew back burnt off!. Neither procedure is fun!. But you know!.!.!.do you want to keep looking at the mole!? I didn't!. So!.!.!.your getting it shaved off!.!.!.!.They will numb the area and then cut it off!. they will advise you on what you can put on it!. You will be left with a scare so cover up may help down the road, but don't put any on till your scab heals!. Like I said!.!.!.mine were on my nose and upper lip!. I had people ask me!.!.!.if I got dragged across the carpet or something!. So you will have to have tough skin to comments that may come and know that the scab will go away and so will the mole!. And you will be much happier a month after the procedure!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

first they numb the area then shave it right off!. it is not painful!. i hate needles, but its not bad at all!. my mole was about the size of a dime on my lower back where my pants would rub on it and bother me!. i kept it covered with a band-aid until it healed!. i dont really remember anything about a scab!. i'm sure there was one, but it must not have been an issue since i dont remember!. it was still annoying as it healed due to the location!. but it was very worth it! you'll be happier without it, trust me!Www@Answer-Health@Com

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