Do I have walking Pneoumonia?!


Do I have walking Pneoumonia?

I have had a horrible cough for 9 months. I have been to my regular doctor twice. She gave me a breathing test,,put me on a breathng machine and antibiotics,,over several months plus many inhalers , but she has no X-Ray machine. My cough is much worse and my muscles feel as though I have done the most harsh workout a person can do. I have no insurance and simply do not know what to do,


Oh my goodness. That doesn't sound right to me at all! She should send you to a hospital for x-rays! They will charge you, but you don't have to have money right then. You need to find another doctor and see what you can do. Maybe see if you can find one of those free clinic's. You really need something here. (my son had a BAD case of bronchitis....just a step down from pneumonia) and he got antibiotics along with over the counter Mucinex. The Mucinex clears stuff out of your lungs....but....he was taking that and still coughing took him to doc's....and they said he needed the antibiotic's to go along with the Mucinex. Did that for a few day's and he was fine again.) Please seek different medical advice. You need it.

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