My sons wife just found out she has chlamydia and he says no way, they have both!


My sons wife just found out she has chlamydia and he says no way, they have both been faithful .?

They just had a baby two months ago. He said they are both faithful to each other Is this something that could have remained dormant and now surfaced?


Well SOMEbody had it. Chlamydia has very specific requirements for survival. It's a sexually transmitted disease. It has to come into contact with the cervix, urethra or the cornea of the eye. It can lay dormant for a long time causing minor problems that can go unnoticed before becoming active. More often there are no symptoms at all in 75% of infected women and in 50% of infected men. I have no idea how long your son and his wife have been married but one of them either brought chlamydia into the marriage or acquired it afterward and it's not necessarily your daughter-in-law at fault. Your son needs to be tested for chlamydia. Your grandchild was given antibiotic eyedrops at birth, as all babies are, to treat possible chlamydia conjunctivitis but his parents should speak to his pediatrican about the need for testing.

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