Bump on ear?!


Bump on ear?

A friend of mine noticed that he has a bump on the outer part of his ear... he wnet ot the doctor and was told that it was just fluid.... the bump has gotten bigger and he says it hurts sometimes when he touches it any one know what this could be? or if it's anythig he should worry about?


It could just be a fluid or fatty buildup. It's probably not something to worry about. If there was never a cut, opening, or piercing then it probably couldn't have gotten infected. And, if it's not IN the ear, close to the ear drum and stuff, then it's probably not going to cause any internal problems.

There are actually teeny tiny pores on the ear, and it could be a clogged pore. If that is the case, just keeping it clean and maybe using a warm compress would help clear it.

If it's a fluid build up like the doctor thinks, or if it's a fatty build up, then there's not too much he can do about it. Maybe lightly massage it to keep things moving. Drinking a lot of water might help thin things out and dissolve whatever it is (and even if it doesn't, drinking a lot of water is good for you anyways.) ;)

If it gets really big, really painful, or infected looking (any puss or a lot of redness) he should go back to the doctor and have it looked at again.

He can also get a second opinion from another doctor, perhaps a partner or colleague in the same office. Or even a pharmacist at your local longs or rite aid.

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