My friend has rash like spots allover his body....?!


My friend has rash like spots allover his body....?

At first we all thought it was a type of ringworm so we just put Lotramine cream on it and thought it would just go away, he has gone to the doctor a couple of times(they said they dont know what it is) and they gave him cream...but its been probably 6 months and they have not gone away or gotten any better....they are worse and are starting to go on his face... I'm really concerned about my friend and I dont know what else to do or say to him cuz he has gone to the doctor a couple of times..I'm also concerned about myself and our other friends...if they can get it and stuff...What do you think it might be? what should i tell my friend to do... HELP PLEASE!!!

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2 weeks ago
well it actually looks like cigarette burns they are kinda big....

1 week ago
They are getting bigger as well....some are about the size of golf balls.... please if you know what these are let me know what I can do!!


He needs to go BACK to the doctor - he might not have used the cream properly or the doctor may have needed to give him a stronger dosage. It needs to be checked into. Soon.

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