Pap smear and colposcopy?!


Pap smear and colposcopy?

I had a pap back in sept., it came out abnormal and do said i have hpv. Went back in late march and came back the same as sept. Now i am going for a colposcope in late aug. On my referal sheet it says I have mild dysplasia and hpv effects.

I heard that a pap smear wasnt an actually diagnoses. That the colposcope was what confirms if i really do have hpv.

Can someone give me a little understanding on this...


pap smears dont tell if you have hpv.
they just tell if your cells are normal or abnormal. anybodys pap could come back abnormal for many reasons.

but they do colposcopy to determine if those abnormal cells are actually hpv on a female's cervix. i've had it done back in march and it's not that bad. they didn't have to do anything extra to me because mine as well was a mild dysplasia. now if they see that those cells are cancerous they will take some tissue from your cervix and send it to lab. and then after they confirm that it might be cancerous they will do another procedure called LEEP where they numb you up and shave some of your cervix off.

SO, good luck

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