What's a good natural treatment for eczema, dont want to use hydrocortisones?!


What's a good natural treatment for eczema, dont want to use hydrocortisones?

my little girl who's 2 1/2 has atopic eczema pretty bad we've tried E45, eurax, vaseline, aloe vera gel, and cocoa butter with little success. I dont want to use the steroid creams on her as i dont like the side effects to them.


Here is a list of do's and don'ts that I hope you will find helpful.

Things not to do:-

Don't use biological powders
Don't use fabric softeners
Don't use soap or detergents to wash with
Don't use standard shower gels or bath additives

Things to do :-

Try Fairy Snow -the old fashioned powder
Use dryer balls
Use a soap free cleanser to wash hands etc.
Use a moisturising shower gel like Oilatum
Use a moisture bath additive like Aveeno
Use a good moisturiser like Aveeno
Use it very frequently, you can't over-moisturise!
Use antihistamines for itch, a non sedative one like loratidine in the morning and a sedative one such piriton at night.
You may need to use steroids creams/ointments for flare up areas. Use the mildest you can, for the shortest time possible. If you do not use anything above 1% hydrocotisone there are effectively no risks of any steroid side effects.

Sorry if you knew all of that already :-(

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