Lumps inside of my mouth?!


Lumps inside of my mouth?

There's one big lump either side of my cheeks. They don't hurt or anything and at first I thought I just put on weight, but when I started to touch it I realised it was a large lump. Also In the bottom of my mouth, there seems to be small moveable lumps.

Do you think this could be mouth cancer? I'm really worried about this and I'm sure it's not normal.

Additional Details

2 weeks ago
I'm a 17 year old female. Don't smoke or drink

2 weeks ago
It's not white. The lumps are the same colour as rest of my cheek.


Its impossible to say without seeing the lumps, but you should get them checked out by your dentist. EVERY lump of unknown cause should be treated as suspicious until its been proved otherwise...just as a precaution.

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