Is my Mother Right about me having diabetes?!

Question: Is my Mother Right about me having diabetes!?
My mother think i might be diabetic!. Yes it runs in my family My uncle has Type 2 my great grandmother had it!.There are a few cases on my mothers side!. Anyway here are my symptoms:
* Frequent Urination - up to about 2 hours
* Felling really tired but not being able to fall asleep well!.
* Really thirsty
* I feel hungry!.
* Headaches
* Little Dizzy
* Nausea
* Joint Pain (possibly unrelated)

I do have other conditions but they dont make me feel like this!. I have Typ 1 Von willebrand but that really doesnt affected me like this!. I really dont want to go to the doctor becuase it is expensive and times are tough!. However I have convinced my self over the past few days!. HOWEVER I have read that you often lose weight but i have not, does this mean it cant be diabetes!?
Thanks for any help!?Www@Answer-Health@Com

If your mother is a doctor, then yes, she is right!.

If your mother is NOT a doctor, then you need to be seen by one, because your symptoms are very close to diabetes!. Losing weight is usually the LAST symptom to develop, and indicates a very, very, seriously ill person!.

Diabetes canNOT be diagnosed by symptoms alone!. The symptoms of diabetes are matched by too many other diseases, including puberty!. For example, diabetics often have tingling in the hands and feet, but that could ALSO be caused by a slipped disk in the spine!. "Feeling tired" can be just a sign of reaching adulthood!.

Diabetes can be diagnoses ONLY using blood tests from the doctor!. There is NO other way!. Fortunately, the major test for diabetes is very simple and cheap!.

This is called the A1C test!. If your doctor has the equipment, he can do the test in 10 minutes with ONE DROP of blood!. If he does not have the equipment, he will take a test tube of blood and send it to a laboratory for 2-3- days!.

The A1C test is right now the most accurate check for diabetes!. it measure an AVERAGE of your blood sugars over the last 90 days!. Since it measures an average, "false positives" and " false negatives" are eliminated!. Only the Glucose Tolerance Test is more accurate, but the GTT takes a long time and is rather expensive!.

So have your mother take you to a doctor and ASK FOR an A1C test, then have the doctor discuss the result with you!.

By the way, if times are tough now, how tough will they be if you get really sick because you are diabetic and don;t know it!? You will miss a lot of school, you will spend a lot of time in the hospital!. You may need to have your toes, feet, legs, or fingers amputated!. You might need kidney dialysis!. or you could simply have a heart attack or stroke and die before you are 30!.

It is MUCH better to take the simple tests! If you are not diabetic then there is no need to be scared (repeat the A1C test once every year, just to make sure, because you have family history)!.

If you ARE diabetic then you need to start treatment NOW so that you can avoid all the pain, agony, expense, and even death that untreated diabetes will bring!.

Go to the doctor now!. A little money spent now might save you a great deal of money later!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

Have your blood tested by a school nurse or at a free clinic or drugstore!.

Don't eat anything with sugar in it!.

Go to a free clinic if possible!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

You need to get checked out just in case!. If you have diabetes you will feel a lot better once you get treated!. Www@Answer-Health@Com

its possible by the syntoms you mentioned but i would go get blood work done to make sure!. it could be something else!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

you should get it checked out!. its possible, and as for the weight loss diabetics often have trouble losing any weight so not necessarily a factor!. if it's borderline diabetes you have a chance to get it under control before you become dependent on insulin!. do not eat or drink anything that uses high fructose corn syrup or sugar in the first 5 ingredients listed on the package!. intake as little sugar as possible, with the exception of an occasional piece of fruit or something of that nature!. lots of green leafy vegetables helps, and cinnamon (you can buy it as a supplement in pill form) have both been known to help the body fight off the onset of diabetes!. Www@Answer-Health@Com

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