Could i have caused it to be this servere?!

Question: Could i have caused it to be this servere!?
i was reading through the questions i have asked since i found this site!. i found two that just jumped out at me!. the first one was 10 months ago when i asked a question about having diarrhea with blood!. Then i found another 7 months ago when i asked about severe abdominal pain!. Now i was diagnosed with the third severest type of UC (ulcerative colitis) the formal name is pancolitis!. If i would have said something 10 months ago would i be here today with the servere diagnosis!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

Probably yes - because this is often difficult to diagnose and it often takes multiple doctor visits and lots of tests before a diagnosis is often made!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

I hear you it could of turned out better for you!.Last yr i was peeing lots of blood and i really thought i was dieing and they took test after xray ' blood cameras' and the works!.Well it came out that i have cysts on my bile duct and only 1 out od 200'000 have this and they wanted to redu my bowels and operate ' but i am a single mom and my son has only me in this world' so i did not go for the operation!.I knew with my health i would of died as he gave me 40 i would live and 60 i would die' so now i suffer with a bloated belly and cannot even walk at times' but at least i am here to raise my son' as he has mental problems' and if i died he would go real crazy and hurt his self!.!. Thanks for listening!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

idk!.!.!.well im glad ur ok ! :]


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