I've got a lump past the edge of my eyelid so i know it's not a stye?!

Question: I've got a lump past the edge of my eyelid so i know it's not a stye!?
ok, so'm gonna try explaining this the best i can!.
i just recently got rid of a stye on the edge of my right eyelid, but then i started paying attention to another bump on the same eye!. i happened to have felt it around 2 months ago in the shower but i payed it no mind!. now i'm kinda worried if i have to do surgery or not!.

i can't exactly feel the bump with my eye closed and it's not noticeable at all!. but when i close my eye i can feel it, it's a little up and to the right than it is center!. the bump isn't necessarily big either but i've tried to lift my eyelid to check under there but to no avail!. i've also tried googling it but i was unable to match it with anything!. like i've said before, it's not a stye or anything like that and i don't think the bump is on my eye!.

if you think you know about my condition, please get back to me asap!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

It sounds like a meibomian cyst which is somewhat similar to a stye in that it is due to a blocked gland!. Its also called a chalazion!. Its a minor condition but can become painful if infected!. Go to your doc and they can have a look at it though to diagnose it properly!. Hope this helps, goood luck!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

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