I think I have arthritis, how do I tell if I need to go to the doctor?!

Question: I think I have arthritis, how do I tell if I need to go to the doctor!?
Arthritis runs in my family, but my dad told me it's supposed to skip every other generation, and since he has it it should mean that I won't get it!. I have had terrible back pains since around the age of oh!.!.!.9 or so!. It never stops hurting and it's mainly the lower back but sometimes it's my whole back!. And my finger joints are all stiff and my fingers are all deformed looking!. I can't squat or sit without my knees pooping and I have to pop my fingers or they hurt like the dickens!. I also pop my elbows a lot and I have dry skin on all of my joints!. I also pop that area at the top of your thighs that connect your legs to your mid-area!. Do ya'll think I have arthritis!?Www@Answer-Health@Com

Maybe!. I'd see a doctor!. And maybe a Chiropractor!. Chiropractors can do wondrous things!. In a few stories, they've made it so women who haven't had their period since High School had it again several years later, and in another case, cured a man's blindness!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

it sounds like you have arthritis if I were you i would go see a doctor and if there is a lot of pain they can help you with that!.
tell him/her everything so they can do more than check for that just though a blood test you don't want any more to happen that really needs serious help GOOD LUCKWww@Answer-Health@Com

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