I have tourettes syndrome that is mild but today it is out of control...what giv!

Question: I have tourettes syndrome that is mild but today it is out of control!.!.!.what gives!?
I take clonazepam for the tics and usually don't have symptoms after taking the med!. I've taken this med for 2 yrs now!. I don't have verbal tics just body!. I started taking a herbal renew cleansing system for women!. I usually take one of these 2-3 times a year!. Could there be something causing them to get worse!.

What is a supplement good for the nervous system!. Magnesium, zinc!?

This sucks!.!.!.i'm twiching all the time!. This is not usual!. Www@Answer-Health@Com

All my life I have had tourettes!. It was bad!. I didn't integrate as well as other kids into the social realm!. It was like my body couldn't rest for two seconds to complete something!. I truly believe I went nuts because of it!. NOW, I'm cured (judging by having no tics)!. I never thought I would be able to do the things I couldn't before with tourettes!.

Glory to God!

I take FAZA CLO!.!.!.check into it!. It's named a "miracle drug!."


You need to talk to your doctor!. In general, anytime you have an unexplained increase or change in symptoms, you need to let your doctor know!. Always make sure you check with your doctor before taking any herbal/nutritional supplements, as some of them may have an effect on how your medication works!. The hebal supplement may be what is causing your problem!. Or, after taking the same medication for 2 years, it may just not work anymore!. Stress may also be aggravating your tics, if you have a lot of stress in your life!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

I know how you feel!. I have a minor case of TS too, as does my older brother and my dad but they're just random, untimed tics that can hurt at some times!. All of us having it for 5+ years!. My younger brother has vocal, and body tics!. He has a bad back from twitching and jerking from trying to get the tic out of his body!. I have facial and sometimes all-over body tics!. We're all on Klonopin, and various other medications like Guanfacine, Fluvoxetine, and Haloperidol!. They seem to help quite well somedays, but other days there's no such luck!. We also go see a neurologist every 3 months to stengthen or weaken or sometimes even change our medication and he asks loads of questions to get the prescription right!.

Hope you feel better!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

My brother has tourettes and his aren't verbal either!. His become worse when he's worried or tired!.!.!.
Go to your GP!?Www@Answer-Health@Com

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