How do I get rid of this chipmunk face?!

Question: How do I get rid of this chipmunk face!?
I'm taking a high dose of prednisone & I need advice on how to get rid of this chipmunk face!. I hate how my chubby cheeks look!. I'm doing my best to stay away from added sodium in my diet!. Plz help!Www@Answer-Health@Com

i used to take prednisone and a diuretic because i had kidney probelms and even though the diuretic helped i still retained alot of water and so i started drinking lots of coffee and tea with honey, it helped me pee alooooot and drinking a can of beer helps too!. alcohol is a natural diuretic!. and limit how much liquid you drink other than the ones mentioned above

im guessing that your chipmunk face is from water retention!. if not, DO NOT TAKE MY ADVICE!. Www@Answer-Health@Com


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