Im in my school choir and our concert is on tuesday, but i have laryngitis...?!

Question: Im in my school choir and our concert is on tuesday, but i have laryngitis!.!.!.!?
my voice doesnt work at all and i can only whisper!. i have a choir concert on tuesday and i need to know how long laryngitis usually lasts and ways to make it go away faster!.!.!.!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

drink a lot of hot and cold liquids, whichever feels better for you!. Use lozenges and try not to try and speak too much!. Tea with honey is great, because it soothes! :) I would also advise you to take high recommended doses of Vitamin C, which will help get over this faster!.
if you have not gone to the doctor, go asap, because the antibiotics will do more good than any quick-fix!.

also, if you have a humidifier, that will do some good!.
If you are in some pain, knock back a few advil and eat some popsicles!. Your voice is gone because your vocal chords are swollen and inflammed!. You should sip on cold drinks all day long, keeping the throat moist and cooled down!.
You can even hold a cold cloth on your neck to cool from the outside!. Ibuprofen may also help, if you're not allergic to it!. Or take some tylenol in the morning and at lunch just to help with the swelling!. A warm drink is ok, but follow with something cool, as to ease the pain!

good luck, and I hope you feel better!

PS: it doesn't last very long!. By tuesday, you should be fine!.!.!. but to be on the safe side, take it easy until then!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

is i true to life laryngitist, or is it just that your throat has been irritated by a cold!? First try a warm gargle of salt water to remove the mucus and let the salt burn the infection!. If it does indeed burn your throat is raw from some sort of infection!. My suggesstion see a doctor!.

Laryngitist can last a while, loss of voice can last a few days or so!. if the gargle doesn't work then drink lots of fluids, take zinc tablets from over the counter drug stores and suck on ricola losenges!. Ricola has the best herbal assistance you can find for singers and such!. Still no help, go see a doctor!.

I would make face time at the concert for your grade if it is not any sort of airborn illness or if the illness is not as severe as it sounds!. I would definitely pass the solo over to someone else if you still sound like a frog the day before!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

My concert night is on the same day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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