Chronic illness?What do you know, and how do you prepare for it?!

Question: Chronic illness!?What do you know, and how do you prepare for it!?
When it lingers over your head everyday and you got to live with it until your end , how do you and your family cope!?Www@Answer-Health@Com

i have chorns diease and no colon!.and i didnt have time to prepare to having no colon!.I was 16 and it was a major lifestyle change for me!. Now I got to think of everything i do and eat!.It feels like when the rest of the world can get up and do what they want without thinkin about it!.!.i have to sit there and think of what i can eat today and how i feel if im good enough to go out or stay home!.Ppl with chronic illnesses have to make many choices evryday!.A thing healthy people take for granted!.I have to think about it everyday and prepare myself that tommrow i may be sicker then today!.its frustarting!.and inconveniet!.I go to the bathroom around 15 times a day if not more!.im always in constant pain!.but its just something i got used to!.i guess i adpated myself that i will always feel like this and i try to make the best out of life!.I know my limitations and i try not to cross themI have faith that god gave this to me cuz he knew i could handle it!.that i could learn from it!.
Many times i look at healthy people such as my husband and just wish for a second i could feel what its like to be healthy again!.cuz in all honesty i forgot what it used to be like before i was diagnosed with chrons diiease at age 12!.
Many people dont understand what you go through on aday to day basis!.but having the support from you friends family and spouse is what gets you through it!.My husband loves telling ppl that his wife doesnt have a colon and he prbbly worries about me more then i do myself!.I always look at it that other people have worse dieases and terminal dieases and that i dont think i have the worse diease out there!.
Just believe in yourself that no matter what obstacles lay ahead of you that you will find strength to make it through it
also you should read the "spoon theory"!.it relates very well to chronic illnesses and is a very insightful story!.
good luck hunny and hope you get better!Www@Answer-Health@Com

ive had juvinile diabetes for 13 years and my family and i try to live life like normal without having to make alterations and changes!. although when we do we just take it in our stride and what makes you physically weaker only makes you mentally stronger!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

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