How do you cure Lymphedema?!

Question: How do you cure Lymphedema!?
My mum had Breast Cancer earlier this year!. She had Radiation on it and it has killed the cancer but it has also killed the lymph-nodes under he left arm!. Now her arm is all swollen and tight, it has been like this for about 2 months!. She has had acupuncture, reflexology, massages, wrapped it in lectric soda and she holds it up to try and drain the fluid out of her arm but it just doesn't work!. She also had breast cancer in 2001 and she had chemotherapy then!. If anybody has any suggestions it would be a big help! thanks :)Www@Answer-Health@Com

I too have arm lymphoedema following breast cancer surgery which included lymph node removal!.

It isn't curable, but it can usually be managed and controlled!. I have just had to accept that my right arm is now larger than my left, but I'm careful not to let the condition get any worse!.

There are things she could try which may reduce the swelling and should relieve her discomfort!.

If your mother's seen a doctor or specialist nurse about this, she should have been given advice about specific arm exercises!.

She may find a compression sleeve - specially fitted for her - or specilised bandages - again, NOT over the counter but provided and demonstrated by a specialist - help!. I have a sleeve, but rarely wear it, although I would certainly wear it if I were travelling by plane!. Some other people with lymphoedema find it necessary or helpful to wear a sleeve much of the time!.

Don't rely on simple massage; she should ask to be referred to someone who specilises in manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) for cancer patients - not just someone who offers MLD, which several massage therapists do, but someone who is trained and experienced in providing it for people who have lymphoedema following cancer surgery!.

And as always, your mother should protect her affected arm by avoiding heavy lifting or any injury to the arm - burns, insect bites, cuts, bangsetc - as much as possible, and by insisting medical staff use her other arm to give injections, take blood or test blood pressure as all these things can worsen the condition,Www@Answer-Health@Com

Common therapies include compression bandaging, or elastic compression garments!. There is also a sort of "pump" therapy, my mom uses a device on her legs that squeezes them to get the circulation going!.
Sequential Gradient Pump Therapy!.

Therapeutic exercise, such as pool therapy, can also be used while wearing compression garments!.!.!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

Has she seen a dr!. about this!? I'm thinking it should be quite an easy answer!.!.!.!.how about a drainage tube!?Www@Answer-Health@Com

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