What are some real symptoms of breast cancer? Please only answer if you've h!

Question: What are some real symptoms of breast cancer!? Please only answer if you've had the decease!?
I had no symptoms at all except some weakness in my hands!.!.!.but I dont know if this was connected to the breast cancer I had!. I remember about one year before I knew I had b cancer sometimes I was holding objects and my hands let them fall, it seems that I had no strength in my hands, it happened only sometimes!.But I felt nothing else!. My bc was untouchable and it didnt hurt at all!. I only found out about it through mamography!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

Early breast cancer may have no symptoms at all; the following are the signs and symptoms of possible breast cancer:

change in size - one breast may have become noticeably larger or lower

nipple change - if it becomes inverted (pulled in) or changes its position or shape (mine changed from an O shape to aa sort of 8)

rash - on or around the nipple

discharge - from one or both nipples

puckering or dimpling - around nipple


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