I've been having white flashes at the corner of my eye?!

Question: I've been having white flashes at the corner of my eye?
I never used to have them before until I went on medication for my ADHD but I doubt that that would be a side effect. It happens occasionally and it's a bit annoying, what does that mean and how do I get rid of it.


If they are what I think they are, you can't get rid of them. The back of the eye can "tear" and that causes the white flashes as well as floaters (tiny dark/blurry spots in your vision). It could very well be a side effect of the med. I'd make an appt with an eye dr., not your family physician.

I had them and did not pay any attention to them, Do any of the straight blinds have curves in them, I want you to google an Amsler grid and look at the dot in the center, are any of the lines curved? If they are you need to see a Ophthalmologist, some of the symptoms mean degeneration of the macula. It can happen at any age.

That is how mine started.

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