Is it possible I would not have to need a transplant?!

Question: Is it possible I would not have to need a transplant?
I have had my pig valve for nearly 13 years. I was thinking that when it stops working I would have it replaced with a mechanical valve, but do you think I would be able to manage my lifestyle instead? Live with heart failure if not prolong my life?


This is something you really need to discuss with a cardiologist. Science has come a long way, talk to him about your options.

Hi I have heart failure, in 2003 open heart surgery to repair 2 valves, mitrial and tricupid. I have advance heart failure, on Dec. 24 had my second open heart surgery to implant a Left ventricular assist device. This device is implanted to bridge to transplantation. Some people after having this device, which increases energy, stronger heart rate, and decide NOT to have a transplant. Do ask a cardiologist about your options. Take care and Good Luck


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