How can you tell if you have a fever?!

Question: How can you tell if you have a fever?
I don't have thermometer(that works) and I don't know how to tell if I have fever..And i don't want a retarded answer that tells me just to put my hand on my face and if it's hotter than I do have a fever cuz that doesn't work. :P
Please help!


"If your forehead is hot to the touch, you may have a fever.

When you get a fever, your body rises above its normal body temperature of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, and your internal thermostat, which is in the hypothalamus part of your brain, is elevated. Fevers can be caused by viral and bacterial infections, illness or by getting overheated. If a thermometer isn't available, there are other ways to find out if you have a fever.

1. Place your hand on your forehead. If your forehead feels hot to the touch, the chances are that you may have a fever. In fact, the skin on your entire body may feel hot if a fever is present.

2. Look for signs of dehydration, a telltale sign of a fever. Indications of being dehydrated include extreme thirst, dry mouth, dry skin and problems being able to urinate. Drink plenty of fluids to cool down your body temperature.

3. Look for symptoms that indicate the presence of an infection or sickness. This includes body aches, flushed cheeks, fatigue and chills. These often accompany a fever and are a clear indication that something is amiss.

4. Pay attention to your heart rate. Individuals who have a fever sometimes also have a faster heart rate. Monitor your heart beat and get in touch with the appropriate help if your heart rate continues to accelerate and faintness and dizziness accompany it.

5. Watch out for seizures. When the body temperature rises above 102 degrees Fahrenheit, it may cause some individuals to go into a seizure. Get emergency help immediately if this occurs.

6. Determine if you are experiencing hallucinations or lapses into periods of unconsciousness, which can occur if you have an extremely high fever. Seek medical assistance right away if these symptoms are present."

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Hope this helps

When my skin is hot, I never have a fever. When I have a fever, my skin isn't always hot. I've been told that your eyes will be bloodshot when you have a fever, but I haven't validated that.
Also, I've had fevers of over 104 as a child without having a seizure, so don't let that answer scare you.

I think chills do indicate a fever, because your body thinks it's supposed to be at that higher heat and therefore the outside environment feels colder. I don't feel colder, but I get migraines.

And by the way, it's a myth that the normal body temp is 98.6. Apparently this reading was taken with a faulty thermometer. Dr. Mark Crislip talks about it on one of his podcasts--I forget if it's Gobbet O' Pus or Quackcast.

Do you have chills? If so, your body is trying to get warm. Dress comfortably if you are hot. Remember, if you are fevering, your body is fighting an infection, so it's trying to do what it's supposed to do. Keep in touch with a dr. if it lasts-drink water or tea to hydrate-

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