A mole removal privately?!

Question: A mole removal privately?
i am 14 years old, i have a mole on the side of my lower arm which i would like to get removed. it is about 0.6 (lenght) by 0.5 (width). i dont like it :( so i wanted it removed, i went to my GP who sent me to a dermatologist but they said they cant remove it because it is not dangerous...i still want it removed so they recommended me to a plastic surgeon.

i was wondering how much it costs in UK at a plastic surgeon? and does the numbing needle injection hurt? I HATE injections. How long will the whole process be including all the appointments and waiting days... i definetly want it removed at the end of my school year!

PS please dont say i dont need it removed cos its causing me misery. Its so UGLY!!! :'(


I agree with you..The mole will be exposed to sun and it could become malignant later in your life..It WILL leave a small scar..A mole just doesn't sit on your skin..It is a 'cone' shape and they will have to remove the entire mole..The injection doesn't hurt and your GP should do this simple procedure for you..A dermatologist will charge about 200 dollars to do that in the US..
My mother died from melanoma and I know the danger of moles..You are doing the right thing..

>"i went to my GP who sent me to a dermatologist but they said they cant remove it because it is not dangerous"

In the time it took this dermatologist to tell you this, it could of been removed. Including the numbing it takes less than 5 mins. It's usually removed with sharp scalpel, then you'd only need a simple band aid. They were being jerks, all they had to do was remove and send it for biopsy, done, finished!

Hi Ruri,

I support your decision to get it removed. Especially since you're so young, hopefully the scar will be less visible. I had a mole removed and it is totally a minor operation; doesn't hurt much. The scar will be a little bigger than the mole itself, though.

Personal experience.

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