Can't eat bread, potatoes, pasta and some yoghurts. Do I have an allergy?!

Question: Can't eat bread, potatoes, pasta and some yoghurts. Do I have an allergy?
Hi there. Basically, I find it hard to eat something that doesn't mess with my stomach. I feel my diet is very limited because I don't know what foods I can buy to eat that doesn't hurt my stomach. Whenever I eat things like potatoes, pasta, bread (my god, ESPECIALLY bread), some yoghurts and also when I drink milk - it feels like my stomach is going mad afterwards and i can get a bit gassy, extremely bloated and my tummy creates all sorts of noises. But really bad. And it's a bit embarrassing especially at work or if i'm out with friends. I'm find with salads, fruit.... all that stuff. Do I have an allergy to something? It's really bad I feel like I can't eat much without it happening and I often just don't eat because of it. Help anybody? Thank you


It sounds like you have Coeliac disease - which makes you intolerant of gluten, it would definitely explain why your body doesn't agree with food like bread and pasta. Maybe a dairy intolerance too if you get affected by milk and yoghurt. It's not necessarily a serious thing but you'll have to change your diet a bit to make sure you eat less of gluten-products whilst eating alternatives to remain healthy. Go see a doctor, they'll help you with that. Good luck!

One of my friends has Coeliac "disease" (sounds terrible but it's more like an allergy!)

You sound like you have an intolerance to something... You need to see your doctor, they'll be able to diagnose the problem and suggest alternatives which you can eat instead of these carbohydrates. :)

Could be Celiac Disease -- your body can't digest gluten.

You should go to a doctor to make certain, as continuing to eat food that contains gluten could cause serious health problems.

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