How to fake the stomach flu?!

Question: How to fake the stomach flu?
I am 13 years old and just want to know how to fake it. This is one of my only times ever faking sick so i do not do it often. I am not trying to avoid a test or am having issues at school i just need a break. Please help!


Get oatmeal, and let it sit in your mouth of a long time, still it gets all watery and looks like puke and than spit it out in the toilet and ta da :) aha, you can use any kinda of food, just yea, make sure it looks nice and chucky and gross :)

Lie in bed with all the covers wrapped round you and on your face until you get really, really hot, and then tell your Mom. She'll probably feel your temp, and you will be scorching!:) Also, think of something really sad, so you look all miserable and maybe even squeeze out a few tears. Retch a lot (it's easy enough to make yourself do that, just think of something gross). Maybe you could even try and make yourself vomit (I have never and will never do this but just incase you might) by sticking 2 fingers down your throat as far as you can until you throw up.

I have tried this before except the vomit part, and it was successful. I'm 12 btw :) xxxx

I wish I could take a break from school I really do have a stomach flu I crapped myself silly this morning but I still have to go to school. Missing even one day's work will mean 4 hours spent in the library after school tomorrow ;(

Tell your mom your having issues at school and need a break. Maybe she'll understand and let you stay home for a day or two

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