Is it possible to get HIV this way?!

Question: Is it possible to get HIV this way?
I smoked pot with this dude out a bong. He had gingivitis and a real bad gash on his leg that was bleeding constantly. I'm sure he touched his gash at one point. He used his fingers to break up the weed we smoked. We shared the bong. I also took in too much smoke on accident (I was really stoned at this point) and my sinuses and back of the throat burned really bad. Am I just being paranoid?


Yep, paranoia alright. There's literally a 0% chance that you contracted HIV.

hiv is a weak virus In the outside world
and can not survive outside its host
once it's outside it becomes inactive and unable to infect
you need to have a direct contact with his blood
with an open cut on your skin
to get hiv from him

i khnow about this virus

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