i used acne cream and my entire face is red, and burning like sitting with a sun!

Question: I used acne cream and my entire face is red, and burning like sitting with a sunburn in the sun, it hurts!!!!?
what do i do??? no matter how much cold water im putting on it, my face is bright red and burning :(( help please


Try waiting for it to cool and calm down. Nothing like that's ever happened to me but your skin is probably sensitive to whatever you used, and it got irritated.

you should stop using the acne cream. apparently it is too harsh for your skin. you should get a milder one.

try applying a layer of cold aloe vera gel as face mask, or apply cold aloe vera gel as a moisturiser. this should get the burning sensation and redness down.

hope this helps and good luck.

Hello. this 115 page ebook on acne is free, and should help you.


the stuff may be tainted with acid,a caustic agent like soda lime,try vinegar first,the bicarbonate of soda,benadryl

wash your face with soap and water. It is most likely an allergy to something in the acne cream.

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