I'm trying to get into the doctor today... but I'm trying to get an id!

Question: I'm trying to get into the doctor today... but I'm trying to get an idea of what my symptoms may mean...?
Its now monday morning...

I've had a sore throat since I woke up on Friday morning that's progressively gotten worse. Currently, it hurts mostly when I swallow or cough.

I've been running a fever since Friday night... I don't know what it was then because I didn't have access to a thermometer at the time. When I checked it on Saturday it was 102. When I checked it this morning when I first got up it was 99.8.

I've had trouble falling asleep, and trouble staying that way once I finally get there.... I don't feel particularly tired or anything....

I've had chills and sweats all weekend, and was nauseous on Satruday and Sunday. The nausea has since subsided.

Like I said, I am going to the doctor irregardless of what you guys say... but I'm trying to get an idea of what I may possibly have... Would anyone have an idea?


it's sound like a flu, drink plenty fliud and hot soup, it's should help. Get well soon.

Sounds like the flu.... EVERYONE seems to be having this problem hope u feel better

Definately sounds like an infection ,as a high temperatures always signifys an infection. Its your bodies way of fighting back.

But deciding what kind of infection is the tricky part ,and the Doc will no doubt check for Strep throat ( using a swab they take a sample from the back of your throat-doesnt hurt).
Strep throat is nasty and will require anti-bioctics. (usually Penicillan based).

The thing to remember is that NOT all infections require aniti-bioctics, even though you may feel really
The doctor will decide (based on all of your symptoms and his/her tests ,exactly what type of virus it is.
In the meantime you can help your bodies immune system by drinking lots and lots of water and resting.
'Get well soon"

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