130 bpm and suffer from anxiety?!

Question: 130 bpm and suffer from anxiety?
I am a 23 year old female and suffer very badly from anxiety.

I was at the hospital the other day and they did an ECG and some ops on me. Obviously my heart right was really high with me having an attack while I was there. But then a couple of hours later I had calmed down and was totally relaxed. They wanted to check my heart rate again so they could let me go home.

They checked me and my heart rate was 130bpm while relaxed. They have told me to go to my doctors and get him to check it because if it is the same then he may need to take blood tests or something.

I know its normal to have this heart rate while having an attack but is it normal when you aren't? I also have anaemia which could be a cause do you think?


Im not suprised its so high, its probably the stress of you worrying so much and all the anxiety attacks, I suffer from them too and I know how it is, go to the doctors anyway it's very unlikely anything serious and at least it will put your mind at rest.

Anxiety often raises pulse rate even when ypu are sitting down. A lollow up ECG and perhaps a 24 hour heart monitor to see what happens for example when you are asleep, would be simple and non invasive.

GP for more years than I care to remember

you should go to doctor.

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