How can i stop caring about a bisexual guy who probably has Aids?!

Question: How can i stop caring about a bisexual guy who probably has Aids?
The reasons why i want to leave him are
He is bisexual but he has apparent preference of men
He is a co worker
He lives in my neighborhood
He is irresponsible
He is insincere
He is unreliable(whenever we make plans to meet up,9 out of 10 times it doesn't end up happen,last time he didn't even call to apologize when he didn't call me after 7p when we were suppose to meet up)
He works overnight shifts and i work days so we are operating conflict schedules
He has a weak immune system there for he gets sick often
I am 25 and he is 36

He also told me that he has liked me for while before he asked me out.We have gone out on couple dates and i realized that its not going to work between us.We haven't slept together which is great because i would worry about stds which is the other reason why i am apprehensive to be in relationship with him.I am saddened with this because i do like him but i feel like i have to leave him for my own sanity.

I need to stop caring about him but i find myself looking forward to go to work so i can see him even though i am planning to end this and my mind its pretty mush made up.He is supposedly sick and he called in sick 3 days in row.For some reason i'm hoping he gets well and i do care about him.

how can i stop caring and forget this dude?


time heals everything. just break it off and let yourself heal (get over him)

but how do you know he has aids? thats a pretty horrible thing to just assume about someone if you don't know for sure

I wouldn't have a relationship with him but there's no reason why you can't be friends and support him while he copes with his disease (should he have it of course).

Not wanting to get AIDS lol

sounds like a perfect douche storm to me. Dump his *** and avoid AIDS (no one wants AIDS)

Seriously, dont get Aids

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