What type of skin do i have? oily or dry?!!!?!

Question: What type of skin do i have? oily or dry?!!!?
I am kind of confused with what skin type I am because my skin is always diiferent. When I swim my skin gets very very very dry and I put on moisturizer which relives it. But when I am not swimming and I put on the same moisturizer, it lingers on my skin and my my skin feel really greasy and oily. (the moisturizer is cetaphil daily facial mositurizer non greasy formula).

The thing that is very annoying about it is that I put lotion on before i put my makeup and when i am putting on bronzer or cover up it kind of sticks to my skin and its annoying. also by the middle/end of the school day my forehead and other parts of my face are oily and greasy and its just soo ANNOYING!!!!! please help! thanks!! and recomendations for what i should use? maybe i am using the wrong lotion.


I have experienced the same thing.
Putting lotion on it after swimming is good because the chlorine can make your skin dry. But i too used to put lotion on then my make up and it also made my skin oily and shinny.. so maybe not applying it before your makeup will help.

I use purpose dual treatment moisturizing lotion, it is also dermatologist recommended

Probably both. It's very difficult to treat. Try an oil control moisturizer. Clean and clear makes one along with mural, clarins, and shiseido. But those brands are mote expensive

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