I'm 18, fit and healthy, but my blood pressure measures at 155/85, pulse ra!

Question: I'm 18, fit and healthy, but my blood pressure measures at 155/85, pulse rate 109. what is going on?
I know there are hundreds of reasons why people have hbp, but is there any common reasons anyone can suggest? because i know next to nothing when it comes to blood pressure. I've never had problems with it before this has happened suddenly.

i know it can be hereditary, my dad has high blood pressure, but this is due to kidney failure and ive already been tested for that and cleared.

I this really high? or borderline high? my family is quite concerned about it but havn't sent me to the doctor in a hurry, as I'm at work right at this moment.

any advice?


It is impossible to diagnose high blood pressure based on a single blood pressure reading. You should recheck it several times, at different times of day. If more than 25% of your readings are over 140/80, then you should make a routine appointment for a check-up with your primary-care physician (No, you DO NOT need to see a cardiologist, no matter what the gentleman with all the heart attacks advised). Make sure you bring the paper on which you recorded your blood pressure readings with you to your doctor's appointment. He/she will most likely want to run a few basic laboratory tests (blood tests, maybe a urine test also).
If indeed you DO have hypertension, your doctor may want to do some further testing, since you are indeed rather young to have hypertension, so there may be another problem causing it, so-called "secondary hypertension", versus the more common "essential hypertension".
Any primary care physician is well-qualified to do these tests, and to provide any necessary treatment and monitoring for hypertension. It is highly unlikely that you would need to see a specialist unless your primary physician does find a cause for secondary hypertension which he/she could not treat him/herself.

I am a physician with over 18 years of experience.

Your 18 ? Thats young to be border line. I've had 3 heart attacks and I have low blood pressure and low pulse rate...High blood pressure is damaging your heart as we speak. like flood waters,,,and also other organs in your body...Heart becoming oversized,,,veins and arteries stretching.. I would go see a "HEART DOCTOR" Like,,,"NOW".. Your only 18,,It needs to be addressed now.. I'm sorry If I scared you. "GOOD LUCK"

An old man 71yrs

Maybe you're stressed out or have anxiety. It does seem high, because normal is like 120/80

you are most likely eating too much sugar, caffiene

Different things can cause high blood pressure. Yours is a little high but I have seen it higher on many people. It would be good to see your doctor.

Stress can cause it, not enough sleep, certain medications, even cold medications. You might have to change jobs or shifts if you can.


?The blood pressure of teenagers can fluctuate greatly depending on hormonal changes throughout the day, the activity at the time and stress. Three high readings, on different days, in a row are needed to diagnose high blood pressure (hypertension).

Blood Pressure Values
?Average blood pressure for a 15-year-old teenager is approximately 125/79 mmHg, but exact age, weight, height and gender must also be considered in determining ideal blood pressure.
Calculating BP
?That National Institute for Health considers a teen's blood pressure to be high if the reading is above the ninetieth percentile for height. Some doctors may use the body mass index (BMI) to calculate ideal blood pressure for anyone under the age of 18.

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