Can you have a tapeworm living inside of you for 10+ years?!

Question: Can you have a tapeworm living inside of you for 10+ years?
Ok when I little around 7years old I used to travel to Mexico with my family and eat al sorts of unhealthy foods.. anyway one day I noticed an itchy feeling on my butt right after i took a shower so instinctively reached out and grabbed a WORM! a live worm about 5 inches long, ribbon like, beige and ugly!!!!

I didn't dare tell anyone for fear or being told i was going to die or going to the doctor etc.. I was very small. So every now and then for many years I've felt an ocasional itch in my butt and I know it's a worm. I just know it is!! :(( but I've terrified of even going to the doctor or grabbing something...

I am terrified of passing a worm in my stool.. and seeing it THERE!

I am going to the doctor tomorrow because I am tired and I DO NOT WANT TO DIE BECAUSE OF A WORM :( So it should be pretty long right? I am terrified.


You can certainly have a worm living inside you for 10+ years. Please, for your own sanity, tell your doctor. You don't even have to tell him how long--you could say you're uncomfortable. Your best bet is to bring in a sample, and I know that is going to be trauma you don't want to face, but it's important because they will need to know what type of worm it is (I think) and to verify that it's a worm and it's one that only lives in the intestines.

Once the lab work is back, the treatment should be very simple. They will give you a medication, and it should clear everything up. You'll probably face a significant life change--you've been eating all these years for them and yourself, but there's a good chance you'll feel better in ways you didn't even realize you were feeling bad before.

I know it's scary, but I promise you it's not the first time the doctor has seen a case of a person with worms, and if you brave it now, they can be gone forever.

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Well, the doctor will probably examine it, and you won't die, don't worry because it's just a worm, that can't harm you.

No worries.
- Brandon

Watch out! Sh*tting worms is not healthy.

You poorr thing

I've not had worms personally, butttttt definitely sounds like you have an issue... just go to an organic store and get a parasite clense... even some regular clenses will target you problem (if you're not comfortable checking out with something with word 'parasite')... just look on the bac!! If that's too much, just go online... I've done other clenses and just got them from I would do that before going to the DR since that's probably what theyre just gonna tell you to do anyway!!!

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