How to get rid of stretch marks w/o major products?!

Question: How to get rid of stretch marks w/o major products?
Hi. I (like I hope many tall girls have-) am having a few problems with my side stretch marks. They're around my sides, on my hips. I'm a larger scaled 14 year old girl- and I'm recently starting a life renovation and my ultimate goal is to look good in a bikini by this summer. Now, I know that's impossible unless these things are gonee. I know of the tanning idea, and I'm willing to try it if need be. But I'd much rather try something else. I know of coco butter but I've tried that before and no luck. Are there any top-secret recipes for help out there that someone could bless me with?

-Renovating Marks.


I suggest TRY Scarxus!
I use it 7 weeks, my stretch mark was COMPLETELY gone!
you can get From Google Search Scarxus Official site.
Hope it works for you.

i dont know


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