Constant Nasal Congestion!!!!Help!?!

Question: Constant Nasal Congestion!!!!Help!?
I've had this constant nasal/sinus congestion for as long as I can remember :P. I 'm 13 and I lead a pretty active life, and my moms like a naturalist so I eat REALLY health food (low/limited msg, high fructose corn syrup, not a lot of junk food, ect.). Also, I play hockey about 2-4 times a week and lift weights regularly (I know its a little much but I want to give as much info as possible). But I've always had this nasal congestion and have tried musinex and also the prescription flonase (I think). The musonex will help some but will soon ware off, same withe the flonase it will help but then come back worse :(. Honestly I cant remember the last time i could breathe through my nose. Also I have constant bags under my eyes and it look like I'm up Until 5 A.M. every day, I USUALLY get around 7 1/2--9 hours of sleep, but recently I've been having trouble sleeping. My mom suspects that the
anti-biotic I was on a few months ago could of caused it worsening. One last thing, I also have pretty bad allergies to some things like some chestnut tree, rag-weed, and cats.
all help appreciated,


Hi Nick Vorie,

Thank You for the very detailed description of your nasal problems. It is clear that you know the answer because you state, "I also have pretty bad allergies to some things like some chestnut tree, rag-weed, and cats." This the root of your problems.

I also understand that your mom is into natural remedies. Natural remedies are great for minor problems. They are not likely to work for your pretty bad allergies. My recommendation is that you see your doctor and request a prescription for second or third generation anti-histamines. If you still do not feel better then add a nasal spray like beconase etc.

The antibiotics could NOT have made your condition worse. They usually reach their half life in four to six hours. It is for this reason that antibiotics are prescribed every eight to twelve hours.

Good luck. Let me know how you get on.


Have you ever tried acupuncture? If prescription meds aren't helping, it's worth a shot. I've treated a few patients with similar symptoms and had success. If your mom's a naturalist, she may be open to taking you to one. If not, one thing you can do right now is limit your dairy intake. Dairy contributes to sinus problems and mucus/phlegm production; some people I've seen have been able to improve their quality of life just from reducing how much dairy they eat. Another option is a netti-pot; you can get them at drugstores. Good luck!

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