If you are a Dr. or a psychologist or have gone through nasal allergy problem, p!

Question: If you are a Dr. or a psychologist or have gone through nasal allergy problem, please answer this..?
i am suffering from nasal allergies as suggested by doctors. when i was a child i was weak and still i m weak, not that i m thin, but weak, i was never good at any sport coz coaches said i dont have stamina at all, i was good at studies. i hve got big dark circles under my eyes since my childhood, even if i sleep 10 hrs dey never go, i get tired very fast, and when the fan is on my nose gets blocked.
My head feels heavy all the time, nd i feel like i shud die. i hve frequent colds and i rely on medicines some or the other almost everyday. i m only 19 nd very ambitious and hardworking. i feel like crying when others do well nd i dont despite of hard work. i m always sad nd cant find it easy to b happy. wen i was small, i didnt had friends coz i didnt enjoyed and remained serious abt studies all the time. i take a lot of tension. wenever something wrong happens i blame myself only. i want to share my problems wid others bt i always end up crying alone. wen i talked abt depression to my friend they reacted as if i m a person who cannot face the problems of dis world and think abt herself only. i cant share my problems wid my parents as dey hve their own problems. i went to lots of Doctors who treat nose related problems, bt none's treatment worked permanently. now im going to try immunotherapy the second time, if that fails i wud surely commit suicide. im good at nothing, no sport, no study, no looks, but only a burden, a burden to take care of, a burden to my parents. please help, nd suggest me wt shud i do ?i knw i shud nt say personal things here, bt where shud i go?


My friend suicide is not solution for anything. You need some special treatment and you will be okay in a very short time. Do not worry about your allergic condition. It is normal. Use these medicines for two week and then inform me
Basilinum 200 (One dose in a week)
Nat Mur 30 (3 doses per day)
Calc Carb 30 (Only one dose in morning time before breakfast)
inform me after two weeks. dr_sagheerahmed@yahoo.com

I took immunotherapy. It took two years before I could tell any improvement at all and another three years to get the maximum benefit. It really does work, but it takes time. I think you also need antidepressants. I think you have more than one problem. Are you slightly underweight? I wonder if you also need to get your thyroid checked. Thyroid problems can cause weakness and depression. I also think you need to find someone who you can talk to about your problems.

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