I have a 101.2 fever , What Should I Do to get rid of it ?!

Question: I have a 101.2 fever , What Should I Do to get rid of it ?
Like Types of Medicine , showers , Stuff Like That . My Back , eyes , throaght , Stomach hurts . I Cough Too


Take some advil to bring fever down. And take a luke warm bath. If you have epson salts this will hurt with any body aches. Typically this will go away after a few days. After 5-7 Days of this see a Dr.

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Tea Bag (Any Brand, don't be cheap)
Sugar (for sweetness)

Boil the water, or put in microwave, and set Tea bag in it. Wait till get gets brown, add the honey, and drop the lemon in the cup of tea.

Drink on that, and take a good long nap!

This well sweat the fever off, trust me. Your bed will be literally drenched.


to reduce a fever take an ibuprofen product like advil or motrin. A cool shower or bath or cool cloths on your forehead will help too.

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