Why my fingernail alwys like that ? help me plz?!

Question: Why my fingernail alwys like that ? help me plz?
im female 24. idk wats the prob and wat caus to tht ?



Do you eat vegetables and fruits a lot? it could be a deficiency in vitamins and iron. i used to have a problem with my toenails which looked like this, i went to my doctor and he said that it was a deficiency in vitamins and iron so i went and bought multi vitamins & iron tablets from the shop and took 1 a day and my nails grew out perfect and i just cut the bad nail off as it grew out, and now my nails are fine again, try multi vitamins and see if it helps, eat a lot of fruit and vegetables and food with iron and hopefully your nails should grow out normal

Have you ever had acrylic nails on? Usually after I rip my acrylics off they have a ridge sort of similar to that.

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