Brain tumor questions?!

Question: Brain tumor questions?
I've been experiencing

Symptoms are;
- Random mild stabbing headache
- When it happens it feels like a tingling on the head where it is (well just at this moment)
- Tired quite often (sometimes)
- Burning sensation in my head, like a blister on my head.
- Runny nose sometimes, just randomly starts running

When I get a symptom I overreact about it and assume its something really bad when it usually its not, I get worried and anxious about these things and it makes them worse. 17 years old.

I went to the doctors today and they did a general exam and neurological exam and the Doctor said the following;
- Blood Pressure fine
- Heart Rate fine
- Temperature fine

She then took a light and made me look at a fixed point on the wall so she could see the backs of my eyes and said the following
- No overlapping of the disks
- No hemorrhaging of the vessels
- You don't have a brain tumor

And told me to go have an eye test at the opticians to rule things out and we will see you in a months time for a review and to see if its still there and if you still getting headaches we will do some checks and most likely put you on some migraine medication. Get more sleep and rest, eat a steady diet.

Questions are;
- If the backs of your eyes have no swelling (Papilledema) no hemorraging or anything could you still have a brain tumor?

- Is this eye strain related, could I need glasses?


I went to eye dr twice and nothing was found.. Your symptoms do not indicate a brain tumor in any form. If you had a brain tumor, one of the first symptoms that are usually dismissed is higher blood pressure and higher heart rate. So no, you don't have a tumor. If you needed glasses, your eye dr would tell you.

i had brain cancer

i think an mri or an x ray might define if you have a brain tumor......

but i think you would need a doctors backing to have the above done for the insurance to help pay for it........

i remember when i was a kid and my parents were violent religious fanatics, my head and neck constantly felt like it was twisted off my shoulders......

so stress can cause these headaches..........

hunii you might have something wrong with your vission which gives all the symptoms uve listed if she said u have no tumour then u dont have to worry !!!! you sound as if you a cancerophobic search it on google and read about it im the same !!! if doctors say ur fine then u r


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