thyroid nodules: information needed...?!

Question: Thyroid nodules: information needed...?
i had an ultra sound done on my thyroid...( both sides)

the tech and my doctor said that at least 1/2 of the population in my city have thyroid nodules. and it is very rare for them to be cancerous.

the other good news is that my doctor said that now a one ever dies of thyroid cancer....if you are going to get cancer.....that is the cancer to get !!!! i dont know that i have cancer....does anyone know that if one does, do they get chemotherapy or radiation treatments..........

i hope i dont get chemotherapy..........and im not to thrilled of radiation...

but i will do the least evasive treatment.........

thank you for your answers !!!!


I had thyroid cancer and didn't need chemotherapy but i did receive Radio Iodine therapy which is a radioactive capsule you take that kills thyroid tissue. Hope i helped:)

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